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Technical Vision

Technical Vision

Every design starts with a desire, a spark, an inspiration. With persistence a spark is turned into a flame.

Industry Nine (i9) was forged from the fire of determination. Checking the boxes of light weight and performance weren't enough for us. Utilizing the precision of the wire EDM, we created TORCH, a drive mechanism Hercules would sprint on.

Drilling spoke holes on our Classic Road Hubs

Laser etching Logo on Classic FatBike Hub

We're not just a wheel company, we're passionate individuals brought together by the pursuit of excellence. When we strap on our helmets and put power to the earth, the only limiting factor should be our own mind, never our equipment. 


Christian pressing bearings into an S-Series Hub

Exploded view of the S-Series Rear Hub

Industry Nine Factory Service Rates

Industry Nine offers factory service on all of our products. Please contact us at 828-210-5113 or to set up a RMA # and discuss your needs.






Price varies depending on model

System Wheel Re-build 

Classic J Bend Wheel Re-build

Front Hub Service

Rear Hub Service

Basic Wheel True

Rim Replacements

*Rates are subject to change by our service team

All product must arrive clean and without rotors, cassettes, and tires. Extra charges will apply for tire mounting or extra parts assembly. Industry Nine is not responsible for extra parts sent with wheels and hubs.




The mission is simple: Designs that don't need support, that however, is in contrast to the well known "Murphy's Law" so we're here for you.

Don't know if you have  Torch or Legacy wheelset? Watch this Video


If you don't find what you're looking for here, shoot us an email at or give us a ring at: 828-210-5113 Ext. 5111