Ride with Confidence.

Ride with confidence, only purchase Industry Nine products through authorized Industry Nine dealers and established channels. We are aware of a number of counterfeit products available via third party stores on e-comm sites such as, but not limited to, AliExpress.com. While these products look like i9-made items, these products have not passed our QC standards and are not tested, distributed by nor covered under warranty by Industry Nine. These products are untested and as such may not perform as intended and may result in unwanted mechanical problems or failure resulting in injury. To uphold our brand integrity we are pursuing these sellers, but these products can and do exist in the marketplace.

If the product is drastically lower in cost and the price “looks too good to be true,” it often is and would be the telltale sign of a counterfeit product. We can not and will not be able to support counterfeit products.