C41 TL Disc


C41 TL Disc

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  • Weight: Clincher Set 1460g, Front 665g, Rear 795g
    Tubular Set 1380g, Front 595g, Rear 785g
  • Front Axle: QR 100mm, 9x100mm, 12x100mm, 15x100mm
  • Driver: Shimano/SRAM HG, Campy 11-speed, SRAM XD-R
    6 degree engagement, 3 pawl freehub, 60 point drivering
  • Tire Width: 23-38mm
  • Rim: Clincher 17.5mm inner width // 25mm outer width
    Tubular 25mm outer width
    No Hook, Tubeless Ready
  • Rear Axle: QR 135mm, 10x135mm, 12x142mm
  • Brake Rotor Interface: Center Lock or ISO 6 Bolt
  • Rider Weight: Recommended 250lbs/114kg max
  • Note: Skewers Not Included


The C41 wheels feature the same 17.5mm inner/25mm outer width of the C29, but the rim depth extends to 41mm. The additional depth and the incorporation of Reynolds SLG™ technology, offer an added Aero advantage, while still maintaining a very competitive wheelset weight of only 1400 grams.  The one size fits all option, the C41 is the perfect wheelset for everyday or race day. When weight and Aerodynamics are equally important this is the wheelset to choose –our version of the quiver killer. C41 offers tubeless compatibility. Available in a Tubular version as well.


Found on all of our rear road wheels, this lacing pattern reduces wheel weight and promotes even spoke tensions, while maintaining excellent durability. Rear wheels feature 16 spokes on the rear drive side flange, paired with 8 opposing spokes. Due to the rear wheel dish caused by the cassette on the rear wheel, this orientation evens out spoke tension. It also reduces peak stress loads on the spokes and rim, as well as the fatigue cycle incurred in a traditional 24 spoke wheel - allowing a lower spoke count and lighter weight, without the durability issues and increased rim weights commonly associated with low spoke count wheels. 


Rated to withstand 700 ft/lbs of torque!  However, we reduced the pawl count to 3 instead of 6, for lower drag and weight, while still achieving and industry leading (for road hubs) 6 degree engagement.  Relocated bearings, and a new freehub seal reduce freehub drag while coasting.  


Carbon road wheels feature a 2 year warranty on hubs, spokes, and assembly, and a two year warranty on the rims.