Ride Bikes, Session awesome features, take photos



Hope in the SHuttle, do some laps, capture some photons

Hey All,

I'm working with photographer Carl Zoch to capture some amazing content based around Industry Nine's beautiful wheels. We are gonna be working our way west from Vail through Carbondale and on to Moab for the 7th of June and we're wondering if you all would be interested in joining us for a day of shuttling, sessioning, and photo takin'? So many advertisements are produced not necessarily from the natural occurrence of those moments but from staging and repetition. Don't get me wrong, Carl and I will be doing plenty of that before we get to Moab, but there we'd like take a little different approach. Bring a group of Rad people together, have a S***ton of fun and take some photo's. We're hoping you can join us. Details below

  • What: Shuttle Runs, Playful sessions, Movements Captured
  • Departure: Posion Spider, Early as fuck
  • When: June 7th 2017
  • Purpose: Have fun, build off each-others skills, and capture genuine moments.
  • Whats provided: Food, Drinks, friendship, hugs, at least 1 pro-ass photo for your individual sponsors, brands, etc.

We're hoping you all can make it

But understand the timeline and well it's a Wednesday, maybe you got shit to do one Wednesday? If you can make it though please throw your name on the mailing list below. If you can't make it but would like Industry Nine to keep you in mind for future content creation hop on the mailing list.

Look forward to meeting you all soon,


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