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Here you will find a collection of service manual for the Legacy Series  Industry Nine Products, aka wheels and hubs made before 2013. If you don't find what you need, check out our contact info at the bottom of the page and give us a ring or email. We'll get you sorted.


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Legacy Hub Service Guide


  • Bearing Play Adjustment
  • Freehub Drive Mechanism Service
  • Bearing Removal
  • Reassembly

Legacy Front Hub Guide


  • Identifying Legacy XC vs. Enduro Hubs
  • Changing Endcaps
  • Axle/Bearing Install

Legacy Break-in and Retensioning


  • Proper Spoke Tensions
  • Principles for for wheel building
  • DT-Swiss and Park Tensiometer Readings

Legacy Build-up instructions


  • Spoke tensions
  • More in-depth building instructions

Legacy Flanged Hub Dimensions


  • Various Dimensions indicated for Front and Rear Legacy Classic hubs


Legacy DH150 Flanged Hub Dimensions


  • Dimensions for DH 150 Legacy Flanged hubs