Solix Classic CL front

Hole Count

24 | 28



From its scalloped spoke flange to its new seal design, the Solix Classic front hub represents the pinnacle of performance and longevity. Verses Torch front hubs, Solix employs matched bearing specs with up to 41% higher load capacity to evenly distribute loads, and an updated bearing preload method to ensure smooth performance and long service life. The combination of an endcap debris shield and our new full-contact lip seals provide exceptional bearing protection in even the worst conditions.

The unique scalloped design of the hub flanges more effectively distributes stress than a simple round shape, improving strength while reducing weight. The hub flange locations are perfectly placed to offer the best balance of bracing angle and spoke tension, ensuring a solid foundation for any custom wheel build. As always, multiple spec options and availability in 11 anodized colors are standard.