PillarCarbon BackCountry 360

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BC360C - 27.5 - Rainbow 1.jpg
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PillarCarbon BackCountry 360

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  • Weight: Set 1,825g, Front 855g, Rear 970g
  • Front Axle: QR 100mm, 9x100mm, 15x100mm, Boost 15x110*
  • FatBike Front Axles: 9x135mm QR, 10x135mm QR (Rear offset disc spacing), 15x135mm, 15x142mm, and 15x150mm*
  • Driver: Shimano HG mtn 9-11spd or SRAM XD
    3 degree engagement, 6 pawl freehub, 120 point drivering
  • Recommended Tire Width: 2.4-3.0"

    *Please note several different Torch Chassis builds are available, and are not all compatible via endcap swaps. 
  • Rim: 36mm inner width // 42mm outer width
    Tubeless Ready
  • Rear Axle: QR 135mm, 10x135mm, 12x135mm, 12x142mm and Boost 12x148mm*
  • FatBike Rear Axles: QR 170mm, 12x177mm, 12x190mm and 12x197mm* 
  • Recommended Rider Weight: 270lbs/122kg max

PillarCarbon BackCountry 360 is our premier wheelset for modern, wide-cased mountain bike tires. Built on our Torch 32 hole chassis, PillarCarbon BC360’s 36mm internal width provides optimal sidewall support for the newest breed of performance rubber. PillarCarbon BC360 raises the performance bar, highlighting the advantages of added traction while shaving weight with carbon execution. 


Like all of our System Wheels, you can customize your hubs and spoke colors in any combination for an additional fee. We offer 11 custom anodized colors: Orange, Purple, Turquoise, Lime, Gold, Green, Blue, Red, Pink, Silver and Black. Visit our AnoLab Custom Wheel Designer to customize your i9s.

i9 is proud to partner with Stikrd.com to offer custom decals for all i9 rim models. Click here to order a set for your new wheelset, or give a fresh look to your current i9 rims.


Industry Nine has gone the extra mile to ensure we offer the best carbon wheels available. We are so confident in our wheels that we are now offering a limited lifetime warranty on all wheelsets sold after January 1, 2018.

The limited lifetime warranty applies to all Industry Nine branded complete carbon wheelsets. Under the limited lifetime warranty, Industry Nine certifies all wheels to be free from defects in materials and workmanship* and applies to the original owner.**

Industry Nine carbon wheel systems are engineered to be ridden every day and are designed and tested to ensure the strength of the wheels far exceed the loads incurred during their intended use.***  You can rest assured that if you are on an Industry Nine Carbon wheelset, we have you covered.

*The warranty applies to all original owners who purchase their wheels from an Industry Nine Authorized Dealer or directly from Industry Nine; wheels purchased through third-party sites are excluded from the warranty.  
**Keep in mind that wheels (as with most moving parts) require periodic maintenance and service.  Bearings are considered a wear item and if properly serviced, should last several years, but are not covered under the lifetime warranty.  The exception is our Enduro XD-15 Hybrid Ceramic bearings (which are an upgrade option).  Any wheel that has been altered, improperly maintained or installed, or modified from its original build will not be eligible for this warranty.
***If you are riding the wheels within the scope of their designated use, we have you covered.  If you hit a tree at 30mph or come up short on a double while riding your road bike at the bike park and break a wheel - we have a great crash replacement program.