Torch Road Alloy - Bridging the Gap

The TRA chassis represents a confluence of the best characteristics from the Torch Mountain system wheelsets and the Torch Road disc platform - sturdy meets svelte.  When mountain wheels are too much and road wheels are not enough, Torch Road Alloy bridges the gap.

Invisible Forces

Every time we ride, invisible forces act upon us.

Some of these forces we are acutely aware of - they pull us back to Earth, they blow us backwards as we fight for every inch, they push us off course when we can't afford a false move. Fortunately, we know these forces. We’ve studied them, quantified them and we know how to combat them. We craft our defenses against them refining every aspect until perfection, engineering every technical advantage to defeat those invisible forces.

However, some forces we cannot measure. They act inside us, compel us to wake up, get on the bike and head out into the cold. We channel these primal forces - they push us forward, fuel us, and allow us to fight through the pain. Fragments of our imagination follow us, while our dreams push us forward. These invisible forces can drive us to measurable results - like an ethereal muse, drawing us toward our ambitions.

Industry Nine is proud to introduce our i9.35, i9.45 and i9.65 - conceived to tame the invisible forces that act upon us, and unleash the forces that dwell within us.

Tuesday Night Supper Club

The Tuesday night ride is a long standing tradition here at Industry Nine. Charge the lights, clock out and then charge the trails of the Pisgah National Forest. And we always cap off the night with a feast at the trailhead. Long live the Tuesday Night Supper Club! #workhardrideharder #myi9

Freehub Magazine's Made with Love Series

Our friends at Freehub Magazine stopped by a few months ago and wanted to see how our wheels were made. Made with Love of course.

Most people might know Industry Nine by its wheel's signature sound, and while the internals are impressive, the process and community behind the entire wheel itself is equally remarkable. Since the company's first wheels hit the ground in 2004, it has been continually innovating every process involved, be it at the drawing board, in machine shop or on the assembly line.

Aidan Horn 2018

Aidan Horn is the type of person you always want to have around, even if he'd never rode bikes in the first place. The fact that he's one of the best humans to ever touch a bicycle only makes him that much more interesting.

Into the Mind of i9 athlete Johny Salido.


Ryan Nyquist gives his 26" Industry Nine wheels a go at The Unit in Greenville, NC. Video by Dan Foley

GRADE300 with Reece Wallace

Reece Wallace doin' his thing on our new Grade300 wheelset.

Reece puts the Grade300 through it's paces at the Whistler MTB park.

FEATURING Industry Nine



Reece Wallace Explores the Yukon - GIANT

The Yukon is a remote northern Canadian territory perched on top of British Columbia and nestled next to its US counterpart, Alaska. It's also likely not the first place which comes to mind for mountain biking. Surprisingly, the Yukon's trail system is extensive, covering several mountains in the Whitehorse area.