Get on the bus

Bomb down your favorite trail, climb over a challenging pass and confidently ratchet through that tech section you’ve never cleaned. Industry Nine products change your ride. Come experience the difference high engagement wheelsets, integrated stystem wheels and precision custom components can make. Join us on the road and we'll outfit your current bike, or take a spin on a loaner rig from our demo fleet. Let's ride!

OZ Trails Off-Road

Bentonville, AR

October 11-13 2019

All participants will enjoy a neutral rollout from downtown Bentonville into the foothills of the Ozark mountains. Once they've entered the shade cast by the forest's expansive pine tree canopy, participants will connect with a selection of the finest Northwest Arkansas (NWA) singletrack, occasional double track, and paved segments. During your visit to Northwest Arkansas, enjoy three days of event festivities while being submerged in the mountain bike industry. Mingle with the most bike-minded people you'll ever encounter while appreciating the area's New American Town vibe and feel welcomed by a unique southern hospitality extended to the outdoor enthusiast.

Philly Bike Expo

Philadelphia, PA

November 2-3 2019

Philadelphia Bike Expo is a 2 day event being held from 2nd November to 3rd November 2019 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, United States. This event will showcase frame builders and businesses that create handcrafted works and new technologies that push the boundaries of cycling.

ROAM Bike Fest

Sedona, AZ

November 8-10 2019

The world's only women's mountain bike festival. No pandering. No skills clinics. Just 3 days of ridiculously fun lady shred. Roam Bike Fest is a three day gathering (AKA party) of female riders, influencers, and legends all gathered for one purpose: to spend a weekend slaying trail and talking bikes in a world-class riding destination with a few hundred other mtb-obsessed lady shredders.